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Welcome to the Don Neeley Agency Inc.!

Most people have a family doctor, dentist, and accountant. Did you know that the average person spends more on insurance than with all these professionals put together? Knowing that, doesn�t it make sense to work with an insurance professional, especially someone you can trust?

Our goal is to earn your trust building a long-term relationship so that you will feel comfortable putting all your insurance needs with our agency. Our goal is not only to give you superior service, but also peace of mind. Peace of mind comes from knowing you have properly and economically protected yourself, your family and your home or business.


“When it comes to finding the right insurance company, I don�t have time to go shopping and search for the best rate. So when I called the Don Neeley Agency, I was surprised at how little I had to do. They were eager to lend a helping hand and do the shopping for me. I was surprised at how much money they are saving me and at how helpful the staff is. Don Neeley Agency is the way to go!”
Nathan Gossen Phoenix, AZ
“I always thought that the bigger companies I had my insurance with had great rates. When I started researching different companies I found I was wrong. Don�s team saved me quite a bit of money while increasing the amount of coverage I have on my auto, home, and life polices. Amazing! Thank you!”
Carey Mark Scottsdale, AZ

Our Office

8155 E. Indian Bend Rd.
STE. 105
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250

Voice: (480) 945-7621

About Don Neeley Agency

At the Don Neeley Agency we strive to provide all our clients with friendly and professional service. As an independent insurance agency, we are able to provide superior insurance services with a choice of diverse professional carriers ensuring you receive the best value for your insurance dollar. We take the complication and hassle out of finding the right insurance company to meet your needs.

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